Knights of Columbus

St. Patrick Council 12449

Scottsdale Arizona

Star Council 2019, 2018, 2007

AZ Council of the Year 2018

Interested in becoming a Knight? Visit us at:

St. Patrick Catholic Community 10815 N 84th Street, Scottsdale AZ 85260

Pay your dues online: Coming soon on Square or Signupgenius

2019 - 2020 KofC Officers

Grand Knight - SK Fred De Vera

Chaplain - Dcn SK Jim Hostutler

Deputy Grand Knight - Damien Meyer

Financial Secretary - SK Bob Julien

Treasurer - SK Ron Cacini

Recorder - SK Wayne Barker

Chancellor - SK Tony Szostak

Advocate - SK Joe Dyer

Warden - Ron Meyers

Inside Guard - SK Joe Fritz

Outside Guard - SK Nick Gordy

Lecturer - Dcn SK Lou Cornille

Trustee - SK Bill Pedene

Trustee - SK Nick Gaudio

Trustee - SK Joe Terracciano

Trustee Emeritus - Frank Gulino

The Grand Knight's Message.....

July 1, 2019

Please welcome the KofC Officers for Council 12449 for the 2019 - 2020 Fraternal Year !!

And welcome to the Knights Ladies, new and current members and all !!

The past year was a success in that our Council achieved STAR COUNCIL for 2018-2019 among other awards !!!

This year, we will make use of the Website Calendar to keep all of you updated as to the known upcoming events and meetings. So, please bear with us as we continue to update this website.

We look forward to again gaining the Star Council award for the upcoming Fraternal Year. In order to do this we need to recruit new members, gain new insurance/annuity accounts and fulfill the steps outlined in our Faith in Action Guide.

As Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said, "If we can't meet young Catholic men where they are, they will go somewhere else. And in this era, it is too easy to go somewhere else when we need them to be home. Home in the Catholic Church, home in their parishes, and home with their families."

We look forward to helping our parish, our church leaders, our fellow parishioners, our community and ourselves !!

Vivat Jesus !!

Fred De Vera - Grand Knight